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Barbecue Sauce Giveaway Contest: Big Ed’s Heirloom BBQ Sauce & BBQ Sauce Reviews


"Free Sauce Friday: Big Ed’s Heirloom BBQ Sauce Marinade BBQ Sauce Reviews Contest"


We are doing a bbq sauce giveaway contest over with our friends bbqsaucereviews.com for some Big Ed’s Heirloom BBQ Sauce. The time for a robust, tangy, gluten free, preservative free & all natural vinegar based BBQ sauce for all of you eastern NC style lovers out there. They gave us 4/5 stars in a review a while back and they just love the vintage label we have along with the perfect consistency, taste, & plethora of uses. You can also always get Big Ed’s Heirloom BBQ Sauce here.

Today they are going to have 5 WINNERS!   Yes, 5 people win a bottle of sauce!   

To win, just complete the two tasks below:

  1. Comment on the blog post below – use the words “Big Ed” in a sentence so we know you’re paying attention
  2. Like the creator of this sauce Pigtail Brands on Facebook and (tell em BBQ Sauce Reviews sent you)!

Contest ends Sunday night 6/17/12 (Winners posted Monday)

You may as well follow Pigtail Brands & BBQ Sauce Reviews on twitter as well.