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The Hogtied Cocktail at The Cocktail Club Charleston with Big Ed’s Heirloom BBQ Sauce From Pigtail Brands

"Pigtail Brands Barbecue Sauces Marinades Big Eds Heirloom BBQ Sauce Cocktail Club Charleston"

Where do we go when we live to blow off a little steam for a nice drink at the end of the day? The Cocktail Club Charleston that’s where. We have frequented this locale basically since its inception. If you are not familiar this establishment is located on Upper King Street in Charleston, South Carolina and they serve up house made infusions as well as some upper crust, harder to find libations as well as some light fare by executive chef Jeremiah Bacon who I may add is also behind the delicious, new establishment below The Cocktail Club Charleston that goes by The Macintosh. They are open Monday – Sunday 5 am to 2pm and offer the venue for private parties as well as offering up cocktail classes on the first Saturday of every month if you would like to tighten up your mixology skills a bit. Just email them at thecocktailclub@indigoroad.com if interested. Let’s get to the point here. I figured why not let’s give it a shot and collaborate with them on the signature drink for Pigtail Brands Barbecue Sauces And Marinades, The Hogtied, featuring Big Ed’s Heirloom BBQ Sauce. This cocktail is comprised of our BBQ Sauce, muddled Serrano peppers, lemonade & Myers Platinum Rum. Complete deliciousness. Do you know of any Barbecue Sauce Brand that has their own cocktail?

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