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Get Saucy with Big Ed’s Heirloom for Charleston Wine + Food Festival in the Piggly Wiggly Grand Tasting Tent Saturday.

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We just wanted to give everyone a reminder that Big Ed’s Heirloom BBQ Sauce & Marinade from Pigtail Brands will have an exhibitor booth in the 2012 Charleston Wine + Food Festival Piggly Wiggly Grand Tasting Tent this Saturday, March 3rd 2012. We have been up late preparing and cooking for the event & will be sampling some delicious smoked pulled pork as well as crock pot pulled pork that bas been slowly cooking for that last 12 hours sure to get you saucy. We will also be selling bottles of Big Ed’s Heirloom if interested and setting some time apart to speak with interested wholesalers, retailers & news & magazine outlets as well.

Saturday’s session runs open to the public from 11am – 2 pm with a one hour break and will resume from 3pm – 6pm. If you haven’t had a chance to pick up tickets yet you can get those here. Also, here is a bit more information that could be helpful if you plan on attending the event. By the looks on Foodista, it looks like some people are already getting a taste of our friends over at Slather Brands and getting ready for the show.

Below is just a little teaser for what you can expect to get saucy with. Also here are two great recipes for The Perfect Barbecue Boston Butt using Big Ed’s Heirloom as well as The Perfect Grilled Barbecue Chicken recipe.


"how to grill bbq chicken recipe pigtail brands big eds heirloom"

"bbq chicken recipe grilling"

You can find our more information about Pigtail Brands Barbecue Sauces & Marinades by clicking here and you can purchase your own bottle of Big Ed’s Heirloom BBQ Sauce here or here. You can also find Pigtail Brands on Facebook & Twitter or subscribe to the rss feed or the newsletter to receive by email.