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You may ask, why am I posting something about backpacks when I run a bbq sauce brand & company? Well, #1 I can do that, #2 we have a great deal of pride in America where we live & American made products while inducing money back into our system domestically, #3 this is a product I can use that very well leads to me getting many of the aspects done in my life related to my business & industry. I ride my bike a lot during the day running errands for the business, exercising etc. and I must have something to protect my laptop and goods while doing that and this would sure fit the bill. So you see, it does relate. Also, I love design so you can see here below why this product hits me as well.

I have been known to go through some backpacks in my time as I am always on the move working, going to the gym riding my bike somewhere etc. and this one looks pretty awesome. What drew me into the brand moreso was the story behind the company & their “rucks”. It’s a great example of building a brand in my opinion having known a thing or two about the subject at hand. Let’s not forget that these are 100% American-made products made on American soil by American hands. Yes, that means you are pumping money back into this thing we have here and fueling progression of us as companies and citizens of the United States.

The company was started by ex Green Beret Jason McCarthy about 5 years ago who states he started GORUCK after his tour of duty was over & after realizing two things: “There’s power in the team, and a good piece of gear makes all the difference.” He also is in charge of the GORUCK Challenge, an 8 to 10 hour, 15 to 20 mile, Green Beret team event that takes place in cities around the world.

The Bags
Minimalist. Black. All Black Everything and made out of 1000 Denier Cordura meaning you are not going to tear or break these bags, it’s also water resistant. Plenty of publications are already on board to tout it such as Men’s Health, Huffington Post, High Snobiety & more.

Let’s not forget that it’s very functional, it would have to be right, to be in the fields of Afghanistan etc. and respected so much by the US Military & Special Forces. Also note that it’s components are top notch as well like the YKK zippers which Jason states he trusts as they have held up fine and worked well in Middle Eastern sandstorms. The G1, or the cadillac, was two years in the making between design changes, testing & more redesign to get it right.

How to build a brand. See how they did that?

Highest quality products check. Simple, yet clean check. Functional check. Lifetime warranty check. Anyone & their mother can attempt to build a brand but it can be much harder than you may think and take much more time than you think, but to do it all the while in our current economical state of affairs whilst keeping all production in the United States and using American products now that’s something to be proud of.

Whether intentional or not what they have done here with GORUCK & the implementation of the GORUCK Challenge. They have created quite a business branding model. You can plan well, do proper research to brand a product in the early stages based on design, functionality & something that will catch the eye of the consumer and really suck them in to purchase, this is standard procedure. You can get a Madison Avenue marketing firm to place you in the proper movie & entertainment outlets & have some awesome print & television adverts as well but that’s about where most people stop. These things  have all been done. They have built a product & brand out of engagement with the GORUCK Challenge. An event that will constantly be touted right along with the GORUCK packs and cross branding each other consistently. Think about the reach of that and throw in some viral social sharing and it’s to the moon.

“We’re just American guys running an American company who want to do right by people and have fun doing it,” says McCarthy. “I believe that the shining star of the U.S. is that we have, by far, the best quality labor and products. We’re a team, and we have to do things the right way.” Below you will find some photos of some different models of the packs & can click into the link if you are interested in purchasing one.

It’s pretty nice to have a brand where America has it’s back….And they have yours, Quite Literally!

The GR1 $295




The GR2 $395




Radio Ruck $245




Echo $175