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Hello From Antarctica: Big Ed’s Heirloom makes it to The South Pole!

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How awesome are these photos from McMurdo Station, Antarctica taken by my good friend Mark Walsh? Now he has returned to the States but Mark is a friend I met at the College of Charleston hailing from Mississippi who for the last couple of years has been holding down the fort at McMurdo Station. I sent some Big Ed’s Heirloom BBQ Sauce to him not long ago to try and warm up the crew & he came back with these. Enjoy.

Also check out his new venture Barefoot Wallets which began in 2004 when his wallet went overboard while sailing in Key West, FL. He had learned to sew while working as a sailmaker & would eventually make himself a new wallet – the first BFW. For the past two seasons he has disassembled his industrial sewing machine, packed it in a carry-on suitcase, and have flew it down to Antarctica. There, he would use his bed for cutting, his desk for sewing, and would sell these wallets around McMurdo. They’ve become a popular item down at the bottom of the world, and they are now ready (enough) to see how these “Adventure-Travel” wallets will fare at home.

Get a wallet here & pick up some Big Ed’s Heirloom here.

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