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The Whiskey Brand: Kings County Distillery Out Of Brooklyn, New York


One thing that goes hand in hand with barbecue sauce is a nice glass of Whiskey. I can see someone like the big man, KJ of H1gher Learning, getting down with this libation.There are many whiskey, scotch & bourbon brands out there and I will not tell you which to try, this one, but it’s worth a look. This refined operation, Kings County Distillery, out of Brooklyn, New York has released a product that looks right up my alley. Not only one of the shops in New York amongst many, but this whisky brand is also the first operating distillery in New York City since prohibition specializing in hand crafted bourbon & moonshine made from corn local to the Upstate New York area. I love everything from the minimal & clean design of their website all the way down to the stately but simplified labeling of the bottles. I know a little about this topic being that we (Pigtail Brands ® Barbecue Sauces & Marinades) have a product that has recently gone through the bottling & label design/completion stage and they have done something really nice here (we love design as well). It’s as simple & clean as can be & they can produce these labels themselves in house and also apply them cutting down the costs of having an outside vendor print or press them, Win-Win. Per those who have tried this treat it has been stated that it is rife with hints of vanilla, caramel, autumn spices and a nice vibrant corn aroma & it goes down quite nicely as an accompaniment to many food choices as well as neat. Have I tried this yet personally? No, as since I have moved back to Charleston, South Carolina from living in downtown New York City it is quite hard to get my hands on a bottle of this at present due to the geographic nature of my current location. I would imagine an expansion to somewhere below the Mason Dixon line is somewhere in the future plans for these lads raised in Kentucky and then perhaps I shall have some luck…or perhaps I take a little vacation back to the big city. I haven’t been in quite a while.

In addition to a few more photos below, there are also some pretty awesome photos over on Jennifer Causey’s website you should peruse or you can jump straight to a small interviewwith the boys. Also the crew from Cool Hunting just toured and tasted the NYC’s Kings County Distillery in their new Brooklyn Navy Yard Locale. Awesome ingredients. Also check out the food and drink section on Cool Hunting for some more cool features.



Kings County Distillery
35 Meadow St.
Brooklyn, Ny 11206